> Man-Made Fibers/Blends


Being a purist, it has taken me a long time to feel man-made fibers, particularly Acrylic yarns. The "wash and wear" phenomenon of the 60's, seems to have left a lasting impression on our generation, translating into some awful articles. Indeed, I think the prevalence of synthetics yarns is why it took so long for knitting and crochet to become hip again. But in all fairness, the new synthetics and blends can be colorfast, resistant to wrinkles, light fast, resistant to mildew and fungus, dyed to achieve brilliant colors, very affordable and and ideal for blending with other fibers.

Economics should not prohibit crafting. At the same time, a project that stretches, pills, and looks beat up after a few washings, is not economical. The new synthetic blends are a solution to both economics and wear. This is what finally won me over.