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  • The City Parks Foundation
    There is music and theater in damn near every neighborhood of every borough this summer! CPF rocks! So you have NO excuse to say you're bored. Or can't travel.
  • Sundae Sermon
    Fantastic! Another outdoor party for families of ALL stripes. With DJ Stormin' Norman, Harlem's Don of the decks.

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  • The Yarn Company
    Yes! It's a new store, so you all former alienated needle-crafters can come back. Tavi (the new owner) has it going on!
  • The Yarn Tree
    Now online only, Linda is engaging in her true passion––reviving the fiber traditions of different cultures, to repair the rips in the global fabric.
  • I Knit, London
    A yarn shop with a licensed bar. When, New York, When?
  • Morris & Sons
    The largest needlecraft store in the Southern Hemisphere!
  • Knit It Now!
    Formerly Bonnie Triola. Bigger and better, and in the NOW.
  • Knitty City
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  • Fibre Arts Yarn Shop
    Knit Cape May, NJ!
  • Downtown Yarns
    Rita's shop is STILL cool. The go to shop in the East Village.
  • School Products Co.
    For fantastic coned yarn, and shhh––affordable cashmere! Weavers take note. A warning––not for the newbie.
  • Smiley's Yarns
    Their recession busting sales are ALWAYS worth the trip to Queens!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


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Thanks for this peek into all the events that were part of the trunk show - appreciated by those of us not in NYC! Sounds like it was VERY cool.


It sounds like an awesome event. Certainly I wish I could have attended. Willena's sweater is fierce, I love it!


I'm loving the african dancer and Nefertiti! Grorgeous. Gosh, I wish I could have been there. What a nice circle of sisterhood in knit.
Knit on!


If your work in style at the Times ever palls on you, you definitely have a future in writing society/event pieces. I feel like I was there (and as usual with the stuff on your blog, wish I had been).


dear sahara,
SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!! Oh, how I wish is was there!! thank you for capturing this event. i had my pleasure meeting ms. nanton and having a cool conversation with her at the knit factory/snow beverages knitting event. all i have to say is...ONLY IN NEW YORK!! hahaha....
to have been amongst you, other artisans, and inspiration i'm sure was a blessing!! keep it up!!

craft on,


this is so making me drool! The African dancer sweater and it's colors is just brilliant!


I am holding my heart! I wish I was there! The pieces that you showed are beautiful and Barbie is looking fierce! Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!


i definitely wish that I was there. if for no other reason than to be inspired by my sistahs.


I can't believe I missed this, and furthermore didn't even know about this. Ugh it's not like I was even far away or anything like that. BTW I found your blog from another blog. Ya'll look like ya'll had a GREAT time.



Thanks for visiting :) great post! Everything is so beautiful.

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