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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


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Thanks for the review! I'm adding this book to my Christmas list. :)

Miss T

Ooh, thank you Sistah Craft! I'm putting this one on my list.


Great review Sahara!
And any connection between yarn and Mathew Barney -however tenuous- has gotta be good in my book


I like the title - what a great play on words. I'm not in to dyeing yarn right now. I just want to knit. But if your friends or you want to pass on some yarn this way so that I can test it out, let me know. smile.


I don't think I'll be dying anything but it sounds like an interesting read.


another thing I can add to my list when my MacArthur grant comes through...


When asking my kids, "what is kool-aide for in this house?" They know to reply, "dyeing yarn." I've only done it once. It didn't come out the way I'd hoped, but it wasn't that messy. It wasn't that hard, but kind of tedious. Do you think these books give advice on how to make it less tedious?


I decided long ago that I don't need to dye yarn, but I think it is a great activity to do with the kids that I teach. Thanks for reminding me, and giving me a heads up on easier methods. Everything takes longer than expected with them, so the easier the better.

naomi dagen bloom

sahara, where were you friday at the book-signing? linda was in great form--all fixed up with makeup, etal. it was lovely affair. she's a terrific teacher; ron has four weavings in the show there.

seem to keep missing your appearances locally. hmmmm

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